Developing my style

Do I even have a style? Of course I do, but I’m very much developing it, and my personal sense of style is still evolving. In boy mode, I tend towards mostly solid colors and some plaid, all in earth tones. My favorite colors are black and gray. Were you to take a look at my closet, you would see dozens of t-shirts in gray. I’m not very imaginative nor bold in my color palette.

20150803_202226My sense of color transcends gender, apparently, as I have been buying a lot of blacks, whites, and grays. I’ve mixed in a couple of reds along the way, but mostly it’s been fairly conservative. I look like a middle-aged wife, and who wants a middle-aged wife?! That’s rhetorical. Please no solicitations.!

What I’ve noticed, more than color, is that I’m very much a jeans kind of girl. I’m sure I’m a boots and jeans girl, sans the boots. I still have a lot of shopping to do! While I do like skirts and dresses, I feel comfortable in jeans. Most of my outfits are centered this way. Even this new pink number I bought today. What do you guys think?

I want to buy something a little more chic at some point, maybe even go goth in the future. I was telling my personal shopper that I would like something metal, maybe play with some leather. I think I would love to buy a corset. Also, and I know this isn’t really a practical aesthetic, but I would love to buy a couple of steampunk outfits, just for fun! Maybe, when I’m a little more brave, I could go to a comic-con wearing a Victorianesque dress.

But for my everyday look? Yeah, I’ll choose a comfy pair of jeans. It’s who I am, and I’m learning to be comfortable being who I am.

4 thoughts on “Developing my style

  1. We have have to be comfy. It’s a tough road learning what to wear and when. But even tough to get mentally comfy. Slowly I been getting comfy.


  2. Looking good. I chafe at the fact that I have to wear dresses and skirts SO OFTEN to even be perceived as a woman. I like that stuff, but I also like jeans and shorts and casual clothes. I don’t want every trip to the grocery store to be a fashion plate, right? Sometimes you just wanna throw on a tshirt and jeans and get out there. One strategy I have is to just have clothes that really “signal” girly-ness. A Wonder Woman t-shirt, the color pink, etc.


  3. Do you have style? Girlfriend, I won’t even PUT pics of myself up until I lose a good bit of weight (I did toy with the idea of a girdle or corset but I have stomach problems) and find a better way of covering up my stubble.

    You have tons of style. I love to see your pics, and frankly, I’m not a wee bit jealous. Not joking Stefani, if I had never seen you here, but saw you in public, I would automatically take you to be a woman.

    I love the pink, it really suits you. But I think you could really carry off Goth or metal equally well.

    Very interesting that in boy mode you wear black, gray, or earth tones. When I have to give in to HIM, he tends to wear all black. In girlie mode, however, I can be very bold in my colours.

    I would never go for jeans as Xandra – I’d just look like a guy squeezing himself badly into women’s jeans. You however have the figure for it, and I reckon you’d look hot in them, so go for it.

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    • Wow, thanks for the compliments! I have to give a lot of credit to my friend for helping me shop and putting my outfits together. My first few were embarrassingly horrific. After several false starts, things began to gel, especially once I bought the wig. I feel ridiculous until I put it on, then I become me.


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