Being Transgender

Short Story: Gloom Dispelled

Stefani Writes

“Who is she?” Tiriana asked.

“Who are you talking about?” Virion asked in return, deflecting his girlfriends question.

“You know who I’m talking about,” Tiriana retorted. “I know you were talking to Aien about her. You said you wanted to ask her out.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he said, though he looked guilty as he said so. “You’re the only girl for me.”

Tiriana caught the look and nodded her head, satisfied that she had been correct. There was someone he was interested in, someone other than her. That was fine with her, though she was surprised how much it wounded her pride. She was never really into Virion. He was just a passing fancy, and she was far too young to settle.

Virion squirmed as Tiriana held his gaze. Then he looked away. The surface of the lake rippled as the autumn breeze blew in from the north. The days would…

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