Being Transgender

Halfway Through

Stefani Writes

We are now halfway through the month of November, which means Nanowrimo is halfway over with. This is the first time I’ve been this far ahead and it’s a nice change for me. As of this writing, I’m sitting at 36,583 words and par is 26,672. I’m almost 10k words ahead with a six day buffer.

The story hasn’t been easy to write. In fact, the first half is a complete disaster. It’ll require a complete rewrite when I’m through, but that can wait. I gave up and stated the second part of the story, and it’s flowing a little bit easier.

To give a quick summary of the book, my main character was kicked out of her house when she came out as trans by her homo/transphobic father. Part one follows my main character (M.C.) as she tries to grapple with what it means to be trans, and the…

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