I need a change

helpwantedsign1It’s time for a change. It’s been growing steadily in my mind for the past several months that the time has come to make a move, to embrace my inner woman, and I think the time is now. I’m ready to get out and play. Too bad it won’t be that simple. It never is.

Making a move takes money, and this job I have keeps cutting my hours. I’m now working less than 40 hours every two weeks! I went back to college and earned my Bachelor’s degree, hoping to make a better life for myself. This company I work for could less about work experience and education level. In fact, I think it works against me. They promote solely on the basis of youth and inexperience. It would also help to be a brainless sycophant. Alas, I’m not any of these things.

So I’m going to have to take another job, hopefully one I can work my way up and transfer, relocating to a bigger city. I had hoped to avoid a transitional position. I hate job hunting, I hate changes in general. I want to find my way and be done. I’ll have to make another sacrifice in order to get my way.

It’s hard enough hiding myself under a facade. In the meantime, I play on Pinterest and started a new Tumblr account. If I can’t actively be me, I can at least window shop, so to speak. If I’m lucky, I’ll only have to suffer another year in the area before I make my break. I just need this job so that I can save up some funds to make the move.


One thought on “I need a change

  1. Das wäre der schönste Moment in meinem Leben, wach werden und einen Busen zu haben, eine Vagina, einen runden Poo , endlich von diesem männlichen Balast befreit zu sein, endlich eine Frau zu sein. Ein Traum? Ich habe den Traum endlich eine Frau zu sein. Wenn es so einfach wäre.


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