A pair of jeans…

I did it again! Yep, I couldn’t help myself. I have a weakness, it’s true. I have a new outfit. I didn’t take any photos this time, so you’ll have to take my word, but I’m getting the hang of this!

This time, instead of sexy and went for comfort. In boy mode that’s a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I figured I’d try it and it came together perfectly. I still wore a pair of pantyhose underneath – I have a fit of a pantyhose fetish, and I have since at least the first grade – but that was strictly for my comfort.

My friend went with me to Target, and this time around I didn’t feel self-conscious. Last time I had the fear that everyone knew what was going on, that I was a big ol perv boy, but logically I know that most people are so focused on themselves, they couldn’t be bothered caring what I was doing.

So I shopped with my friend, she being my cover, and we looked, she helped me pick out a few cute things, and I made up my mind. I spent more than I could afford, but I’m happy with what I picked. We promptly went to her place, and I changed into my new outfit, and everything fit perfectly. All I need now is to work up the courage and shave my face. I’m working up my courage to do it soon. Then comes the wig. Yikes!

I’m getting excited at all this shopping. I know it’ll take some time to amass a decent wardrobe, but I’m hoping to take a trip to the city soon, where I can be me all day long, even in public, without caring about who sees me.

But one step at a time…

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