Casual and comfortable

TherapyI went out last night after work and picked out a cute little outfit. It’s not much, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s just something I can wear around the house and relax in. I picked up my friend and went shopping, spending money I shouldn’t have spent, and treated myself to a new bra, a pair of shorts, pantyhose, and a couple of t-shirts.

I know it’s not anything sexy or classy, but it’s comfortable. I don’t have to be one of those girls who has to dress up in the cutest skirts and dresses all the time. That’s not really my style. I’m a laid-back kind of gal, one who enjoys laying on the couch on my day off, and lose myself watching the Food Network. Gotta watch my cooking shows!

I’m still in need of some shoes, a pair or two of sneakers, maybe some boots, and of course I need some heels! My friend bought be a pair of heels a few weeks a go, and when we got back to her place, I tried them on for her, and she was amazed that I knew how to walk. I don’t understand the shock. Just because I hadn’t worn a pair in over a decade? Okay, maybe that is surprising, and admitting that in public is a bit depressing.

Moving away from that, I’m not planning on doing much of anything today. I’ll probably clean house a bit. There’s some dished to be washed, the kitchen needs to be scrubbed, and my laundry needs to be folded. I hate doing chores. Maybe wearing my new outfit will make it a little easier, but I doubt it.

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