Surprising myself

TherapyAs I crossdresser, I’ve come to a rather startling realization; men are pigs! Yes, I said it. Men are nothing more than deviants in search of some fancy to sate their sexual appetites. I know it’s probably a shock to all women out there, but I had to speak the truth.

Okay, to be completely honest with you, I like the attention. Maybe it’s better so say that I like some attention. It all started with Whisper, the app where you can anonymously confess your secrets. I posted this a while back, and my inbox was flooded with horn dogs asking me for pictures. I talked with a few, and I let them know that I was a crossdresser. I didn’t want to lead any of them on. None were jerks about it, and a few were into it.

It was nice to feel wanted, even if it was through an anonymous venue. I doubt any would flirt with me were they to see me in real life. Then again, maybe they would, the freaks. Would I be okay with it? Would it repulse me or turn me on?

What surprised me is that a few did excite me. A few men made me wish I could be with them, intimately and sexually. I wanted to be desired. I wanted to be used. I needed a man to make me glory in a womanhood I’ve longed for since I was just a teen, when I started realizing that I was different. To tell the truth, it scared me to find just how far I could go with the right man urging me forward.

7 thoughts on “Surprising myself

    • What’s funny is that right after I posted this, I accepted two friend requests on Facebook, and within minutes I had to block them both. I get that people are looking to hook up, but I understand how quickly it can evolve into harassment. Pathetic!

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  1. Yes men are pigs. Thinking only with the penis. They have to feel powerful. Why? They are trained that way by society. Go figure, I think we all need a reality check in the societal realm.

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  2. Men…psshaw! Especially the ones that just send me pic of their little soldier and then expect that I would get all hot and bothered. xD

    I’m not attracted to men, but some are true gentlemen and sometimes I do wish I was attracted to them. It would make my life so much easier. 🙂

    I think it’s good that you are thinking about these things.. and the most important thing is that you’re honest and true to yourself. If you like men or think you do.. go for it (just be safe).. nothing wrong with experimenting, right? 🙂

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