At work


Wish I could be here! Stefani Lara 2015

I’m currently at work, sitting in the break room, wishing I could be anywhere else, especially my friend’s place. I hate being in boy-mode. I feel like such a slob, and seeing myself in the mirror is so depressing.

I live for the stolen moments when I’m allowed to be me. It’s a subtle magic, this transformation from slob into Stefani. One moment I’m nearly dead, the next I feel alive. Even my friend made that comment, that I radiate happiness whenever I’m Stefani.

But now I can’t be, and I must suck it up. I don’t know when I’ll get to come back out again, but it won’t be until the weekend at the earliest. I should get back to work, pretend I’m comfortable being a man, but we know my secret.

One thought on “At work

  1. You have summed it all so nicely, Stefani. I don’t know about you, but I sincerely believe that Xandra and HIM (complete antipathy towards my boy mode) are two completely different personalities, and I reckon Xandra has the winning hand on that.

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