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Good news for me

20150912_203543I’ve been a little bummed lately. I just don’t have the money to buy myself any new outfits. It sucks! For a little back story as to why, back in August, the car I had been driving went out. The engine seized, and now it’s a very large lawn ornament. It actually belongs to my parents, but they have other vehicles. I, however, was left without a means to get around, especially to work.

So I finally got around to buying a car. I hadn’t had one in almost three years, since my last one was repo’d, with less than a year left to pay it off. I had been worried that the repossession would hinder me my ability to get a loan. It didn’t, but the down side is I now have a car loan to pay off. New bill, less money for Stefani. Fuck!

The past couple of months I’ve been coasting a bit, wearing the last few outfits I had bought. I know I can wear the same outfits, but that means there’s no point taking new pictures to post. For a shy gal, I take pleasure in getting myself made up in order to show off a bit. It’s a character flaw perhaps, but I enjoy the attention.

The good news is that I earned a promotion. With it comes a fairly decent raise, enough to make an impact on my finances. It’s still not enough, but I know it will make a difference. I plan to catch up a bit on my bills, pay a few things off, but mostly I can’t wait to buy clothes again. Yes, it’s shallow and vain, but it’s also a chance to celebrate being me. Sometime next year, I hope to move into my own apartment where I’ll be able to dress on a regular basis. That’ll be the biggest improvement in my life.

One thought on “Good news for me

  1. Being in debt is like having to carry a bag of heavy rocks on your back wherever you go. It inhibits everything. Some new clothes might be fun, but I would encourage you to concentrate on eliminating all of the red ink in your life so that you will be free of the crushing burden of debt. Just a thought…


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