Watch “Becoming Stefani” on YouTube

I recorded and posted my second video earlier this week. It’s not as easy as I thought, and I thought it would be fairly difficult. 

I will work on my content, finding topics that are interesting and timely. It’ll take some time to find my voice, both literally and figuratively.

3 thoughts on “Watch “Becoming Stefani” on YouTube

  1. Ms. Stefani, I was so excited to see you posted another video! Now I know where your name came from, way cool. Your description of that first dress… Did you see The Danish Girl? I was riveted by Eddie Redmayne’s performance, the nuances he showed when he first put on a dress as a favor when another model backed out. He showed an awakening, an instrinsic love of the soft feel of the fabric, the lines of the dress, the way the dress made her feel. Not everyone likes that a CIS guy played the role of Gerta, but I thought Eddie was remarkable.
    I can’t wait for you to get your beautiful self down to TEXAS!!! Keep posting. Xo Lisa

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  2. I live in Texas. Amarillo. Still a long way from DFW, but you know. I’m actually heading that way next weekend. Be there five days. So can’t wait. I need sime time away.


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