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Found out


That was a complete disaster. About a week ago, my sister ran across the picture on this post on Instagram. Not my Stefani Instagram, but my Joe account. Naturally, she was shocked by it. My brother was the one who text me and told me I needed to talk to her, which I tried.

I sent her a text seeing if she wanted to talk about it. She didn’t. We exchanged a few texts but it was clear she didn’t want to talk, and frankly she’s so pig-headed that I decided to let it go for the time being, and let my brother know what was going on.

It wasn’t until last night that I wondered why I wasn’t seeing anything of hers on Facebook. I searched for her and discovered she had unfriended me. She also blocked me on Instagram. I couldn’t believe it!

I’ve yet to confront her. I see no point in antagonizing her. She has always been a spoiled, self-centered woman, wrapping herself in an oh-so-Christian attire. Half her posts are about going to this mass or retreats. It’s easy to see why I have an issue with going to church. Nothing but judgment from those who call themselves religious!

I talked to my cousin a bit, and she’s upset. My brother couldn’t believe it either. Haven’t talked to my parents about it yet, but I will eventually. I’m not so irritated. I was telling everyone that I was okay, not really bothered, but I was close to having an anxiety attack over it. I had to concentrate on keeping calm last night until it passed.

I don’t know what to do about it, if anything. Maybe it will pass, but like I said, she’s extremely pig-headed, and I have no intention of apologizing for being who I am. If she doesn’t like it, I don’t need her in my life. She doesn’t contribute a damn thing to my existence. Blood may be blood, but my friends have shown themselves to be my biggest supporters.

Had I worked up the courage to tell her first, maybe she wouldn’t have reacted this way, but I kind of doubt it. She was the one I felt would give me the most trouble about it, having been the only sister with five brothers. I want to just let it go, but I’m honestly fucking angry at her. Truly angry.

And now, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll lose any other siblings to this.

5 thoughts on “Found out

  1. Im so sorry you are having to go throw this Stefani, i personly wouldn’t comunicate with her tell she comes to you then blow my top at her for acting like a bitch for you just being who you really are.


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  2. This sucks I know, especially if you two were close. I do understand about what you say on the church thing. IT seems that even though Christianity teaches do not judge lest ye be judged, it seems that they are the most judging of them all. Losing siblings and any part of family is never fun no matter what. One of the things to learn, is, dont blame yourself. Which for me was extremely hard to do. It is really hard to know that your family members that you have spent an entire lifetime with, cannot seem to attempt to understand other family members and run away. It is sad shes being a bitch and yet she is also entitled to her feelings. Maybe in time she will contact you and that is all you can hope for. Otherwise just know, it isnt the end of the world or life. Try to hold your head up and move forward being yourself.


  3. Give it time. Perhaps things will work out in the long term. I hope so, but remember you need to be you. I stopped living a lie quite a while ago. I am hoping for the best for you both.

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