Being Transgender

It’s only Tuesday

I’m sitting here on my lunch break, counting down the minutes until I have to clock back in. I’d say I’m not looking forward to going back, but the rest of the day looks as though it should be rather quiet. Besides, I only have three more hours until quitting time.


It’s better in that I’m only working until tomorrow, then I’m taking a well deserved four-day weekend. Four days. No work, just kicking back and relaxing. Well, not quite.

Heading to Dallas Thursday morning with a friend to go see Nita Strauss perform. She’s a kick-ass guitarist and it promises to be an epic show. More so that we’ll get to meet her prior to the concert. I will undoubtedly be posting pictures at some point!

Friday we’re planning on staying to see New Year’s Day, as well. NYD is another excellent band, fronted by Ash Costello. I saw them perform last December and they put on a hell of a show where they opened for Halestorm and In This Moment.

Then Sunday we’ll be back home to go Pride here in Amarillo. It’ll be my third Pride I’ve gone to. The apprehension I’ve felt is no longer as intrusive and I’ll be enjoying myself a lot more. It should be the perfect end to an exciting weekend.

I’m not planning another getaway until October when I’m planning on taking a vacation to Florida, my first trip to Orlando. That’ll a topic for another post. For now, I’ve got to make it a couple more days. I can make it. And now I’ve got to get back to work.


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