Being Transgender

Short Story: Miracle

Stefani Writes

It felt as though my heart was being squeezed by a vise. Or maybe it felt as though it was been forced through a shredder. It was a pain I’ve felt before, a pain I think we’re all to familiar with, at least if you’re ever had the misfortune of falling in love and experiencing heartbreak. It is, as we all know, part of the human condition, and we don’t think much about it until we’re the ones in pain.

Margie was someone special. Beautiful in a understated way. She rarely wore makeup, almost never did her hair, except to put in in a messy bun. She didn’t wear sexy clothes or anything else that we typically expect from women these days. In spite of this, or maybe because of this, she exuded a natural beauty. She didn’t have to rely on cosmetics and fashion.

And Margie was popular, too…

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