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Shaving a yeti?

I now remember why I hate the process of becoming Stefani- the endless shaving. I haven’t even begun to shave yet. I started off running the hair trimmer through my legs. Yuck! The human body can be so disgusting. I feel like a yeti, and I haven’t even begun to trim my upper body. Luckily, I’m not so hairy, but still.

I’m looking into the cost of waxing. I hate the idea of ripping hair out of my body, but shaving is to labor intensive, and I don’t have the time or the privacy to do it reasonably. I probably won’t do it until I’m actually on my own, but it’s worth looking in to.

I’m going to do a little shopping this weekend, possibly just panties this time around, but I do want to feel a little feminine. I also plan on going on a trip sometime next year en femme, just to get out of the house and practice being me again. It’s been too long.

But for now, it’s time to take out the razor and shave, shave, shave. I always have a difficult time behind my thighs, but I’ll get it worked out. A mirror would help. I should get one. I just hope I don’t get razor burn. That’ll suck!

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