Going shopping

I’m back home and wishing I could go on another trip, this time as Stefani. I told my friend about it, and of course she’s all for it. First things first, I need to assemble a wardrobe. I haven’t got shopping in almost a decade. I’m feeling sad about it.

I’ve done the all too familiar exercise we know all too well. I start buying clothes, make-up, and other essentials. Then I start feeling ashamed of my perversity so I begin to purge everything. Then after a while, I feel the need again and I start buying clothes, make-up, and other essentials, only to purge it again when I get embarrassed because I’m a freak….

And the cycle continues.

This time I’m going to start building my wardrobe again, the first in over ten years, and this time there will be no purging. I will have to store everything at her place for the time being. I’m hoping to have my own place, several hundred miles from here, sometime in the coming year.

But I can’t wait until Friday. I’ll probably only get panties, a bra, and pantyhose. Maybe also a dress. I don’t know. I have to start somewhere and not get too ambitious. It’ll take time, but Stefani will be back. I promise!

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