New Twitter Account

I just set up a new Twitter account, and I’m looking for people to follow, and hoping to find people to follow me. I’m searching for other T-girls like me, focusing more on crossdressing, fashion, make-up, and lifestyles, and shying away from all things pornographic.

Please follow me, and I promise to follow back!

I go by TgirlStefani. Hope to see you!

One thought on “New Twitter Account

  1. I am still NEW to…. Cross dressing well,, also when ever i feel like doing it,,, as U will see if U happen to go…& read my blog,,, theirs not much writing on it…I did have another blog….but i felt like starting out all new again so…here i am (again) I should be posting after the new year,,, I do like what u wrote on this post i myself dont want to see/ read about PORN,, or anything else that some OTHER Cross dressers do. & yea,,, Perhaps other C-dressers / trans people might not like what i say or believe or disagree on my point of view on cross dressing but……not all of us are the same i might do this for reasons other c-dressers find to be different i do get a long with (every-1) I really do….again I might not agree to certain ways of the life style & I seem to be having a hard time finding c-dressers that are more like (ME) *Straight,,,I didn’t read all of your blog (yet) perhaps ? we will be following 1 another s blog stay well, Kelly

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