This is me…

3…well, most of me. I actually did it, I went out and bought myself a few things. Consider this my Christmas present to me! For the first time in a decade, Stefani Lara came out and it felt fabulous! I’m glad I didn’t chicken out. I almost did since the traffic the weekend before Christmas is an absolute nightmare.

At first, I planned only to buy some panties, a bra, and pantyhose. I had a friend go with me to Target, to help deflect attention from me. Not sure if it worked, but it got me through it. I didn’t know my size, so I guessed and luckily my guesses were spot on. I ended up with a humble haul, but enough to start with, but it did whet my appetite. I looked for a skirt or dress, and I didn’t find anything I liked. Bummer. So after checking out, we went to Wal-Mart.

At Wal-Mart, we looked around, and their selection wasn’t all that great. I couldn’t find a dress to save my life. After searching, my friend found the skirt and with her help I also got a cute top. I tried to find some passable shoes, but their selection there has become pathetic. I didn’t expect high quality, but I did think I could find something to get by. I didn’t. Still I left satisfied that I had at least one outfit.

We got back to my friend’s apartment, and then the moment of truth. I didn’t try anything on at the store. It was all guess-work, but it wasn’t all that bad. It all fit reasonably well, though I felt a little awkward since it had been so long since I dressed up. I walked out of the bedroom to show her, and she was complimentary. I felt like an oafish old man in a dress, but she swore I looked fine. You be the judge.

I’m hoping to add to my wardrobe in the coming months, and this time I swear I won’t purge. I want a few sexy outfits, some jeans and t-shirts, since that’s the type of girl I am, and I need shoes! I also need to buy a wig, which is one reason my head is cut off on the pics. Sorry.

Then there is make-up to buy, maybe a purse, and perhaps I should also look into getting me a pair of women’s glasses, something contemporary and stylish. So much to buy and so little money! That’s okay. One thing at a time. I’m hoping to go on a trip in the coming year as Stefani. I think it’ll be fun to go out for a weekend as the woman I feel I am. I desperately need it.

I hope I can pose for some decent pictures soon, with my actually head in it. It’ll take me a while to feel confident enough to show myself, but I’m please that I got this far. My only regret is that I had to take Stefani off and put my facade back on.  Sitting on the couch in that skirt, I felt elated for the first time in ages. I was free to be me, secure that there was no judgment coming from my friend. I needed that! All I need now is money, or a rich boyfriend. Now that’s a thought….

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