Letting me out

I had the house to myself for a week a while back. There’s something to be said about total and absolute privacy. Of course I took advantage of my good fortune and bought myself a few things, a few pairs of shorts and a couple of t-shirts, to lounge around the house in. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a good pair of pantyhose. I love the feel of rubbing my legs together when I have a pair on. A friend of mine commented that she didn’t get why I loved wearing them. I didn’t really know how to respond since my fascination with pantyhose started when I was six or seven. Thirty years later, the fascination lingers.

I also wore a pair of jeans and a lavender thermal shirt, since we had a few days with temps in the high 30’s and lower 40’s. Mostly I kept it casual with my shorts. I wore them all day, and I even slept in them. I reveled in being me in my glory, without fear of being ostracised. It’s a rare treat to enjoy letting my inner girl out. I wish I could do so more often.

I wish I would have had the thought to take a picture of myself dressed up, or rather dressed down as it were. But it didn’t. Too bad. I must remember to do that the next time I have time to myself.

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