A case of the blahs

20150912_203543[1]Tonight’s the first time in over a week that I get to dress up, and I ain’t feeling it. I’m sitting here, in the apartment, and I don’t feel sexy or beautiful. I feel blah all over. I think the drab color I chose is affecting my mood.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shirt, but it would have looked better with slacks. I also think I should have taken the time to shave, but I didn’t. It was getting late, and I didn’t want to lose another hour or so to jump into the shower and shave my legs, chest, etc. I knew I would be wearing jeans so I skipped it because who would know? Well, I know and that’s enough to ruin it.


I’ll just call tonight a wash and that’ll be that. I guess I could change, but I really don’t want to. I’ll just sit here and accept that it isn’t always easy being me, that sometimes I have to suffer the blahs just like everyone else.

2 thoughts on “A case of the blahs

  1. If it’s any consolation, I was in the same mood yesterday.
    L was out for the day and I’d been looking forward to a Susie day all week. But by the time I’d been to the shops, done the washing (I’m not brave enough to hang it in the back garden as Susie) and half expecting a parcel delivery, I couldn’t be bothered to make more than a half-hearted effort and it all felt pretty unsatisfying. On the plus side, I did find a nice pair of ankle boots in one of the charity shops for a tenner, and even surprised myself that I was brave enough to try them on in the shop before I bought them.


  2. Dear me, the blahs seem to be omnipresent this weekend. I’m blaming my mine on a lack of sleep. I’m going through a terrible sleep cycle at the moment. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. Hopefully all of us victims of mid-September blah epidemic will right as rain soon. All the best.


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