Two years and counting!

20150916_201746It’s my anniversary today! Before you start with the congratulations, let me explain that two years ago today I started this blog. It was an inauspicious start to be sure, but it did start me down the road I’m now on. If you want, you can check my first post here.

Two years later, I’m coming into my own as I grow more comfortable in my skin. I’m building a small, but substantial wardrobe. I’ve shared my secret with a friend who’s guiding me through all things feminine, and showing me some tricks. Not bad when you stop and consider that I didn’t truly get back to dressing up until earlier this year.

There are a few things I still want to buy. First, I need to buy myself a pair of prescription glasses, the ones in the photo above are reading glasses. They look good, but I can’t see out of them. I also want a new wig, preferably one with natural hair. My current wig is a lesson in frustration. Ugh!

I’m hoping to take a trip somewhere in the near future as Stefani, my first excursion out. I think it’ll probably be out to Oklahoma City, but I’m not ruling out Albuquerque just yet. I also really want to go to Vegas sometime soon. I just want to experience life as myself, and the not as the drone I act on a daily basis.

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