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20151126_190640I’m exhausted! It’s been a trying couple of months, to be sure. First I did the whole NaNoWriMo thing last month, on top of work. Retail isn’t friendly towards writers, especially around the holidays. I worked so much overtime in preparation for Black Friday it’s ridiculous. Then the weather turned icy and we didn’t get many shoppers.

Immediately after that, we switched gears and started getting ready for inventory. I’m sorry, but it’s stupid to try an do inventory in the middle of the Christmas holiday season, but there we were all the same. Fortunately, Tuesday was the big day, and while I worked overtime in preparation again, it’s all over, except for Christmas Day!

I managed to steal sometime during the Black Friday weekend for Stefani, but since then I haven’t had the time. I did manage to buy a new outfit this week, a pair of black slacks and a blouse, but I haven’t had the opportunity to get dressed up. Maybe I can steal a few moments this week.

Right now, I’m taking a well deserved day off. I actually had two days off. I go back tomorrow, which is a shame. I would love to have a whole week off just to goof off and rest. I think it’s time to consider taking my vacation soon. I need it!

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