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What do you guys think?

I told you guys about my new wig in my last post, but I hadn’t had a chance to try it on until late last week. Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted any pictures of my new do. What do you guys think?

I know I love it. It feels better and fits better, and I’m no longer getting tangled at the dinner table, lol. I can’t wait to have a chance to go out in public. I’m hoping to get that chance in March. We’ll see what happens.



4 thoughts on “What do you guys think?

  1. Very attractive Stefani. But then again, your wearing glasses in 2 of the pictures. I ALWAYS make sure to take note of the girls in glasses. Even though there is no assurance that the person wearing them is “more” intellectual than the one who is not? Smart is always attractive.


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