Being Transgender / Crossdressing


IMG_20160603_210251I got a text from my ex-wife yesterday evening telling me that we needed to text later. I hate it when people do that, by the way. “We need to talk,” is rarely met with good news. I text her back asking what was wrong, and she replied that it wasn’t anything bad. “…it’s actually a good thing.”

I finally managed to cajole the news out of her. My step-daughter was playing on my ex’s phone, got on Facebook, and saw my Stefani profile popup under people she might now. She said “…that looks like a dude cuz of his eyebrows…she needs to shape them and thin them out….” My ex-wife proceeded to tell her that Stefani was in fact me, her step-father. She was okay with it.

I haven’t had a chance to actually talk to my step-daughter, but I’m still processing what it means. If she’s in fact okay with it, then does that mean she’ll get to meet Stefani? Will she want to? Will my ex-wife allow it? Will my ex-wife want to meet Stef?

My emotions are all over the place. On the one hand, there’s one less person I have to worry about keeping the secret from, but that also means there’s one more person who can accidentally out me. I wondered out loud to a friend how long I could keep me a secret. Stefani’s grown and is kind of taking over. It’s exciting and frightening!

Maybe this will lead to a better relationship with my step-daughter. I can only hope it won’t lead to a greater estrangement. Only time will tell, I suppose, but that’s one less person I have to hide from. I’m guessing I’ll have to come out sooner or later. When I do, I fear I will lose my family altogether, but again we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Discovered!

  1. It always amazes me the way most young people seem to accept non gender bianary people so easily. They grew up with artists like Prince, David Bowie, and so many others that pushed the gender line.The fact that she said “She” even after saying that you looked like a dude because of your brows. She identified you as a woman that needed a brow trim, not a dude. A total victory for you. Like I said, you look better than you give yourself credit for.
    AS far as others finding out about you, you may have no control over it. Be ready if it happens.
    Above all Stefani, you DO look great. And your spelling and grammar are way above most bloggers. A good quality.
    Best, Julia


  2. I follow your blog and see how much you have progressed. I want to let Alicia out too but I keep her hidden. Please continue to let stefani grow. Xo alicia

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