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20160612_213735This duality in my life is really exhausting. Like flat out, I’m weary to the very core of my being. My friend V says I should just come out. It’s easy for her to say, being openly bisexual, not that coming out would have been easy for her. I’m still stuck on self-preservation mode, though I’ve found myself setting up to be outed at any time.

The issue I have is that it’s not easy having the conversation with people. How do you do it? I don’t know how, and I’ve had that conversation a few times now. I’ve told several friends about my identity, that I’m not in fact the man they see, but a woman who struggles with the image she sees in front of her.

So my life is one of contrast and duality of spirit and body. As such, I feel that not entirely one or the other. On the contrary, I’ve felt that I’m neither, some oddity, a mistake made by a Creator who wasn’t paying attention when I was made. If God makes no mistakes, then he purposely made me like this, else there is no God. So which is it?

It’s difficult to exist in such a manner. People see me as a man for that’s the way I’ve chosen to present myself, accepting the role society place on me on the basis of my apparent sex and gender. Who I am is not what can be seen by the naked eye. It’s invisible, a matter of spirit rather than physical.

Even on those divine moments when I have a chance to dress as Stefani, what I see is in discord to what I feel. I see too much of the male peaking through the carefully made-up face I put on. I only feel somewhat feminine the moment I put on my wig. Until then, I’m just a weirdo wearing makeup and women’s clothes. If clothes make the man, does hair make the woman?

I feel as though I will come out fully sooner rather than later. It’s gnawing at me, the perpetual itch begging to be scratched. I want the world to know me as I am rather as they perceive me to be. One day, I’ll heed V’s advice and simply come out to the world, resplendent in my true identity. I wonder how much of my introversion is a result of living a lie. I wonder if living the truth instead with set me free, bringing me out of the prison that I’ve been cursed to live my life.

Until then, I’ll continue to make strides. I’m leaving for Dallas on Friday morning, and I’m almost entirely sure that Stef will make the drive. I plan to spend some time as myself while at my friend’s house. I even had my friend A tell her husband about Stefani. He’s still reeling from shock.

And now even more people from work have been let into my secret. Soon, the entire place will know. When that happens, will I tell my family? How will they react? Will the accept or reject me? They, more than anyone, are the reason I haven’t come out. I love my family, and the threat of losing them is more than I can bare. We’ll see, I suppose. Until then, small strides, one step, one day at a time.

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  1. Hey Stef, Everyones coming out is different. Mine was slow and difficult until i finally just did it. I told my parents, i told my siblings, then that following monday i told my boss, then the front office manager at work. It has all went much better than i expected. My folks and family not the best i would have liked but i can say it was acceptable. Yeah it rocks the world you live in. The one thing it does that is the greatest, lift the woeght and burden off you so you can live happy and not hide. Dont think I am telling you what to do, just my world is much much easier now that i have that mess out of my system and can live freely. You have it in you and will do whats best, just remember its not the end of the world no matter how you go about coming out so long as you arent rude about it. Be a positive role about how the trans community really is and things will be much better than you can possibly imagine.

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  2. I got tired of the duality a little earlier than planned. I’d been out to pretty much everyone, but was still coming to work as a man until this past September. It felt so good.

    My own family was very difficult (my dad and brothers/sisters-in-law). They have still not come around to being able to include me in anything, and it’s been a year plus.

    There are still little problems once you’ve fully come out into the light .. but what gets me is that dealing with these issues is much easier, now that I’m more closely reflecting who I am on the inside.

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