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A day of simply nothing

11753914_10204790725275108_568390893_nI spent the most perfect Sunday ever! Okay, most of you wouldn’t think so, and even I would have to admit that it could have been better. All the same, I found the opportunity, and took advantage of that opportunity to spend my day all alone, away from everyone and everything. It was heaven.

I didn’t do much of anything, besides get caught up on laundry. I sat at my computer, playing World of Warcraft, and pretty much ignoring everything else. Yeah, I know playing WoW may not be your idea of fun, and I really play anymore, not since separating from my wife four years ago, but when I have the chance to play, I will.

For the past few weeks, I haven’t had the chance to just do nothing. I need to do nothing, to recharge my batteries. I need to avoid people, I need to just be by myself, to find peace in my solitude. That’s how I survive. Without it, I can become rather unpleasant.

The only downside is that I couldn’t be Stefani. I’m only allowed to come out when I’m totally alone, or when I’m at my friend’s place. At home, well I have to be in boy mode, and most of the time I can deal with it, but being me is a therapy that nothing can replace.

But today solitude was much-needed and greatly deserved. I recharged and I’m ready to face another week at work. My next day off won’t come until Friday, and I’m already obliged to help my cousin with a project. Lately, it feels I’m just going from one thing to the next, without a chance to kick back and center myself.

Tomorrow, I’ll head to my friend’s place, spend the night, and hang out as Stefani. I need to remember to bring a book another friend has been begging me to read, and one I promised I would. I also have my own writing projects to complete. Regardless, today was appreciated. It’s nice to have nothing to do for a change, even in boy mode.

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