No time for me

20150810_174007I haven’t had a chance to dress up all week! It’s so frustrating, but what can I do? My employer put me on over night this entire week, and two days next week. What fun, but it gets better! My car died and now I have to buy a new one.

I’ve been staying in town all week with a friend, the same one where I dress up. So I do have the opportunity to dress up, so what’s the problem? I dress to relax, to escape from being me, and doing that before work just isn’t the same.

Also, now that I’m going to have a car payment again, I’ll have less money for clothes. That’s a real bummer. I guess I’ll survive. I may buy me something tomorrow and dress up before work but we’ll see. For now, gotta get back to work.

One thought on “No time for me

  1. Bummer, I been on 12 hour days for two weeks. It’s hard to dress when all you do when you get home is shower and pass out. Especially on a Friday night.

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