Want to contact me?

contact-me-no-data-mdAfter the misunderstanding and the fall out resulting from my reaction – check out my previous post -, I created a way for you, as the reader, to contact me. I’d love to hear from you, since I would like this to be a conversation instead of soapbox or some narcissistic vanity project. I posted the link above, on my menu bar. I posted a link to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts, the easiest way to contact me, but I also created a form you could use if you’d rather email me. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I thought I already had a way to be contacted, but I was wrong. Mea culpa. I hope this will prevent any more misunderstandings in the future. Thank you for taking time to read what I have to say, and I look forward to meeting you.

One thought on “Want to contact me?

  1. Stefani:

    Are you trying to scare your new friend off before you meet? You need to go forward with caution, yes. Paranoia — no.

    Ordinary caution would suggest that, before going to a first meeting where the other party’s identity is in question, you leave information about this meeting with a trusted friend. Include email back and forth, any details exchanged, a general description from the meeting at your place of employment, etc., with general instructions to hold it until you retrieve it, or if something happens to you, to give it to the authorities. If you don’t have a personal friend you trust, send it to another of the girls that you know online and have them hold it until you contact them again and tell them to delete it. If that doesn’t work for you, print it all out and mail it to yourself. If you’re there to receive it, fine, if not, the police will eventually open it.

    At your meeting, don’t be skittish, or overly or overtly paranoid. Gentle conversation will allow you to begin to judge the person and their intentions. From years of reading personal stories on crossdressers.com, I know there are a lot of lonely TG/CD/TS girls out there who are desperate to meet in person with others like them. This could be that. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a friend. But be cautious.

    Sorry to be preachy, but I’ve been through the scared to meet people phase and I know how tough it is to finally meet a real life like-minded friend.



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