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My Wonderfully Mundane Weekend

It’s been a wonderful weekend. Too bad it had to end so soon. It always seems to end much sooner than I would like, and the week seems to drag on. At least this weekend was rather enjoyable and relaxing, if a little boring at times. It was, I admit, what I needed.

I spent the whole of the weekend as Stef. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do this. I’ve had obligations and plans that required me to dress down, so to speak. Last weekend, for example, I spent the entire weekend at my parent’s house helping to remodel. It was necessary, and fun to an extent, but exhausting. There was no me time to enjoy.

This past Saturday, on a whim, I decided to drive to Lubbock and back, a four hour round trip. I wanted to go shopping, which I honestly could have done here quicker. The reason for the long drive was simply to get out of the apartment. I find long drives relaxing. I put on an audio book from Audible and enjoy where the story leads me. I finished up The Collapsing Empire and started The Consuming Fire, both by John Scalzi. Great books, by the way.

Not much to my shopping spree. I went to Kohls and Target, bought some clothes, a few household necessities and got a bite to eat. I didn’t linger too long as I didn’t get into Lubbock until 6:30. It was less about the shopping and more about the journey. The love affair with the open road persists. I’m planning a trip down to Dallas in couple of weeks for the same reason. And to see my best friend, can’t forget her.

Sunday was more about chores. My room was a mess, mainly laundry, which I did. I also put everything away, including the stuff still in my suitcase from my last trip. I had planned on going through my closet to clear out my wardrobe, but maybe next weekend. As it is, my closet is stuffed with things I no longer wear.

I also did my grocery shopping, a little earlier than usual. In the summer I prefer to go late evening, sometimes after dark. I’ll often go to the 24 hour United Supermarket, but I needed some things for dinner, so an early excursion it was.

As I shopped, on both days, I wondered if how I dressed was a bit ridiculous. What I mean is that both on Saturday and Sunday, I went out in shorts, a bit shorter maybe than I should wear, given that I am in my forties. I’m always cognizant that I don’t have the most feminine figure. I can’t help but wonder what everyone else thinks.

The crazy thing is, as much as I wonder, I also kind of don’t care. I’ve spent way too much of my life self-conscious of my body. I suppose, if people don’t like the way I dress, they can look away. As far as I notice, no one gives me a second glance.

In short, it was a mundane weekend. There was nothing exciting, nothing sexy to it, just something just about everyone did. It’s easy to talk about the adventures in life, but there is something about the ordinary that deserves to be acknowledged.

I go back to work tomorrow afternoon for another week of employment bliss. I may bitch about it, but honestly it gives me something to do other than to sit around and get bored. The only complaint, and I think it’s something we all think about our own jobs, is that I wish I got paid more.

One thought on “My Wonderfully Mundane Weekend

  1. Yeah, you better not forget me! 😉 lol

    You know, just about every single person is self-conscious about their body. Even those that we see as beautiful are self-conscious. Remembering that helps me a lot. And most people are so busy worrying about how they look to worry about how others look. And those that ARE looking at you critically are usually miserable people who look at everyone like that so that they can ignore the faults in themselves.

    Just keep being you! Those who matter will love you regardless of what you look like. 🙂

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